In response to the call for widespread entrepreneurship and innovation, a group of young lawyers, led by Ms. Bi Yue, founded Shanghai Ri Ying Law Firm in 2014. At the establishment, the Firm provided high-end legal services in finance, criminal defense and large-scale commercial dispute resolution. In the first year of the Firm the original five partners generated revenue in excess of 10 million RMB. As of June 2019, the Firm expanded to more than 70 practicing lawyers and a full-time staff of 100 employees. And in 2019 the annual revenue exceeded 100 million RMB. The office area has also expanded from 500 square meters at the time of opening to nearly 3,000 square meters. In terms of business volume, number of employees and office area the Firm has seen 400% growth since 2014. The growth of Ri Ying Law Firm is a shining example for entrepreneurial young lawyers in Shanghai.
  Since the establishment of the firm the litigation team of the Firm has undertaken a large number of major cases. The cumulative value of the litigation cases is in the billions of dollars. The non-litigation team of the Firm has handled a series of high-end non-litigation cases. Projects under the non-litigation branch range from the commercial development of city-level cultural relic protection buildings to overseas mergers and acquisitions of central enterprises. Individual projects involve amounts ranging from several hundred million to several billion RMB. At present, the main business scope of the Firm includes large-scale civil and commercial dispute resolution, criminal case defense, financial merger and acquisition legal services, intellectual property legal services, cultural and creative entertainment legal services, maritime legal services, and foreign-related legal services. The professional team of Ri Ying Law Firm can also provide multilingual legal services in English, French, Japanese, Korean and Italian. The Firm has developed rapidly towards the goal of the providing first-class comprehensive high-end legal services in Shanghai.
  Some of the large domestic companies that the Firm has provided legal services to are Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, China Eastern Airlines, New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd, Shanghai Machine Tool works Co., Ltd, Shanghai Electric Enterprise Development Co., Ltd, Jilin Railway Investment Development Co., Ltd. The Firm has provided legal services to many global Fortune 500 companies, including IGM, BASF, Hyundai, and Hansol International Logistics Co., Ltd, are a few of the intentional businesses that the Firm has served.
  Ms. Bi Yue, director of the Firm, is also serving the community in various roles including Shanghai Municipal Party Committee on Market Supervision, the perennial legal advisor for the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration and the Putuo District Government, a representative of the Putuo District People's Congress, an independent director of Lujiazui International Trust Co., Ltd, and an independent director of Aijian Securities Co., Ltd.
  Professor Liu Xianquan, the leader of the Firm’s criminal defense branch, is also an elected member of the Shanghai Party Committee's Legal Expert Advisory Team, a Shanghai Municipal Law Committee's legal advisor, and a Shanghai Supervision Committee's legal advisor. The Firm has created opportunities to introduce investment into Shanghai, and strived to do its part for Shanghai's economic development.
  Excellent performance and good management of the Firm are not only winning for our clients, but also receiving the attention and recognition of the legal academics and practicing attorneys. 60% of our attorney possess Master’s degrees or above, and 30% of the attorney possess doctoral degrees. This level of legal prowess enables the firm to strengthen the hierarchy, professional level and practical capabilities.
  In 2018 Shanghai Huarong Law Firm formally merged into Shanghai Ri Ying Law Firm. Huarong firm, established in August 1996, was one of the oldest comprehensive law firms in Shanghai, Which has won many honors such as Shanghai Advanced Collective of Judicial Administration System and Shanghai Outstanding Law Firm, which has provided high-quality legal services for the National Thousand Talents Plan, C919 commercial aircraft and other projects. Wu Yimin, director of the Huarong firm, is a model worker in Shanghai and one of the top ten lawyers in Shanghai. He has been elected as the representative of the Yangpu District People's Congress three times and the Standing Committee of the Yangpu District People's Political Consultative Conference. The merger of Ri Ying and Hua Rong will further integrate the two resources and enhance synergy, and build Ri Ying Law Firm into a first-class comprehensive legal service provider in Shanghai.
  Ri Ying Law Firm has also achieved outstanding results in public service. The law firm has organized and carried out a variety of community service initiatives. In the past few years the Firm has organized dozens of voluntary legal lectures with the number of attendees in the tens of thousands. The Firm has purchased a large number of living supplies such as grains and oils on holidays for four consecutive years and delivered them to the communities in need. The team insists on providing voluntary legal advice and assistance to the community twice a week. The Firm has signed a contract with the Criminal Justice School of East China University of Political Science and Law and set up a Ri Ying Scholarship to help students. The Firm sponsored of the 8th Shanghai University Student Moot Court Competition and the 7th National University Moot Court Competition of Ri Ying Cup. For three consecutive years the Firm has sponsored the "Doctoral Forum on Criminal Law" with the Eastern China University of Political Science and Law and a series of other academic activities, which has contributed to training of Shanghai's legal education. The Firm is hired as the special counsel of Shanghai Public Security Bureau for many consecutive years. In 2018, the Firm was also awarded as the “heroine civilization post of Shanghai” and “Outstanding Law Firm of Putuo District in Shanghai”.
  Since 2015, we have been receiving official visits from the directors of the local government every year. They all fully affirmed the Firm’s outstanding achievements and pronounced a bright future for the development of the Firm.
  In the coming days the staff of Ri Ying Law Firm will remain true to our original aspiration and forge ahead, just as it is said:
  While the prospects are bright, the road has twists and turns.